Our Mission

Our Mission
Our mission as a church, with the guidance of the Spirit of God, is to enlist, encourage, and equip as many people as possible in becoming dedicated followers of Jesus. (Matthew 28:20) We understand this lifelong journey includes three essential elements…

Jesus said…His followers will hear and obey what God says. In worship, we hear God’s voice, and we grow in knowledge of His will for our lives. Through worship, we refocus our lives on God. All who love God and follow Jesus commit to – and enjoy the privilege of – worshiping regularly. (John 8:31)

Jesus said…His followers will be known by their love for each other. Following Jesus is an individual decision, but the journey is made in the company of other followers. Christ offers a new life, a connected life, and in His church all are welcome. (John 13:35)

Jesus said…His followers will embrace a life of service. Love for God is demonstrated by showing love to other people, not just in words but in deeds of mercy. Following Jesus will lead us to others we can help. (John 15:8)


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