Our Ministers

Greg Cummings

Greg Cummings

June through August 2019

Greg Cummings, who was with us last October, will fill the pulpit this summer. Greg and his wife Debbie plan to be with us June, July and August, 2019. He has 40 years of experience preaching in four different congregations. He is currently retired after 20+ years preaching for the church in Kerrville, Texas. Previous to Kerrville, he spent 11 years preaching in Houston, Texas.  He has a BA degree in Public Speaking from the University of Houston, the Master’s in Bible and Related Studies, Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees from Abilene Christian University. This summer, Greg and Debbie will celebrate their 48th wedding anniversary. They have three sons and four grandchildren.

Jeff and Suzanne Howe

Jeff Howe

2012 – 2018 Summer Minister

Jeff Howe has been the part-time pulpit preacher for South Fork Church of Christ in South Fork, Colorado from 2012 to 2018.  He is self-educated in his Bible studies and preaching.  His credentials and background come purely from the text of the Word of God.  His instructor has been, and still is, the Holy Spirit.  Jeff and his wife, Suzanne, live in the South Fork area six months of the year while teaching and preaching.  When they are not in South Fork, they live in the Nashville, Tennessee, area, where Jeff also preaches and teaches part time.

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